Mar 22, 2009

KONTATTO / AGATHOCLES - Basta !! / Leads To......split EP (2000)  /
1.Fed up with your make up
2.Animal boy (ramones cover)
3.Leads to...
4.Urla nel silenzio - basta!
5.Napalm attack
6.Senza pieta
7.The leader (shitlickers cover)

Mar 21, 2009

INFEST - Mankind EP (1991)


1. Mankind
2. Judge Me
3. Speak Easy
4. Once Lost
5. Excess Pig
6. Them
7. Shackled Down
8. Just Act Blind
9. Kill the Peace
10. Three or Nothing


Mar 20, 2009

Support Your Scene DIY Compilation (2011)

1.Power is Poison  - War on the system 
2.Al-Thawra  - Truth's Eternal Sun 
3.Greed Force - Subscription 
4.Diskent - Society Fail Again 
5.Nonsense - Tragovi (Proces) 
6.Disciples of Anarchy  - Extremist 
7.Atomic Pollution  - Cesspool 
8.Passive Aggressive - Deplore 
9.Petnaesti Čeh  - Danijelova mržnja 
10.Tres Borrachos Locos-Don't Tell Me What To Do
11.Iszonyat -Egy bezart klub margojara

12.T34 - This machine kills fascists 
13.Ruggine -Vittima
14.Tuhkaus -  Sota Raita 
15.Life Erased - Apathetic Ways 
16.Slaughtergrave - Napalm up your ass 
17.Fight Back - Fuck The Fashion 
18.Degrade - Another Day 
19.INFLUX - Government Out 
20.Partiya - 40 Minutes 
21.Burnt Cross - Paths to persecution 
22.The Washingtonians - Hardboiled 
23.OiZ II Men - job done 


Mar 19, 2009

Bloodstains Across Denmark (1997)

Compilation Danish punk bands (1978 - 1982)
1.Sods-Television Sect
2.Lost Kids-Skrid
3.Electrochok-Doomed Generation
4.Brats-I Do What I Wanna Do
6.Johnny Concrete-Concrete
7.Johnny Concrete-Bubbles
9.Bollocks-I'm Not Supposed To
10.Bollocks-You Might Get Hurt
12.Lost Kids-Født Som Nul
13.Lost Kids-Diskodreng
14.Electric Deads-Zig Zag
15.Electric Deads-Fish In A Pool
19.Gatecrashers -Desillusioned
20.Electric Deads-Locked Doors
21.Electric Deads-30 Years
22.Prügelknaben-Lenin Zombies
24.Prügelknaben-Rend mig I reven

Afropunk: The 'Rock n Roll Nigger' Experience (2003)

Description: This film, which many may assume is a historical punk documentary, actually is an honest and needed treatment of race and identity. Punk and Hardcore music is simply the microcosm in which it is told. First time Director, James Spooner, in telling this story, has opened new dialogues on these crucial subject both intra and interracially. Many times funny, sometimes sobering, a wake up call to America. An examination of the duality of racial identity that DuBois called "double consciousness." What could have been "The Bad Brains Story" is a story about kids, alienated by two cultures and two communities. Many of these punk and hardcore kids have never questioned their role in the punk scene or the black community until their interviews, and it's obvious as they struggle on camera to reconcile a fragmented self.

Mar 17, 2009

BLACK KRONSTADT - A World to Win EP (1995)

Black Kronstadt was an anarchist hardcore/crust punk band from Victoria, BC, Canada.
Active from 1992 to 1997.

Mar 13, 2009

MILICIA 34 - De Pequeñas Chispas Nacen Grandes Incendios (2010)

hc/punk band from Madrid,Espana.

1.Nos quereis condenar
2.el sueño
3.La secta de los cristianos
4.Mujeres libres
5.Lo que hay que comprender
6.Esta sociedad...
7.La princesa de la noche
8.La lucha esta en las calles


Mar 10, 2009

Totalitär / Disclose - split LP (2000)

Totalitär hardcore punk band from Sweden
Disclose were a Japanese D-beat raw punk band from Kōchi City