Jan 22, 2011

V/A In Defence Of Our Future - A Tribute To Discharge (2001)


Totalitar - Born to die in the gutter youtube
Epäjärjestys - a look at tomorrow youtube 
ENS - Fight Back youtube 

1.Uncurbed-A Hell On Earth
2.Acursed-Medley The End Nightmare ...Final ...
3.Totalitär-Born To Die In The Gutter
4.Epäjärjestys-A Look At Tomorrow
5.Avskum-You Take Part In Creating This System
6.Driller Killer-Decontrol
7.Nasum-Visions Of War
8.Diskonto-They Declare It
9.E.N.S.-Fight Back
10.Perukers-Protest And Survive
12.Håll Keft-Tomorrow Belongs To Us
13.Meanwhile-Always Restrictions
14.Genocide SS-Death Dealers
16.Disfear-Realities Of War
17.D.D.A.-Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing
18.Snifter-You Take Part In Creating This System
19.Greed-It's No T.V. Sketch
20.Motorbreath-Wars No Fairytale
21.Dysfunctional & Dysfucked-Is This To Be

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  1. great compilation, but unfortunately the link is dead! why don't you try zippyshare? I use it for my blog and they never deleted my files!