Sep 14, 2009

Grind Your Mind - A History Of Grindcore CD 1 (2007)

1.Discharge–Society’ Victims
2.Napalm Death–Victims Of A Bomb Raid
3.Chaos UK–Kill Your Baby
4.Seige–Cold War
5.Repulsion–Pestilent Decay
6.Repulsion–The Stench Of Burning Death
8.Napalm Death –Master
9.Terrorizer–Blind Army
10.Terrorizer–Dead Shall Rise V.06
11.Potential Threat–Miserable Bastards
12.Ripcord–Single Ticket To Hell
13.Cryptic Slaughter–Low Life
14.Concrete Sox–Senile Fools
15.Vicious Circle–Coconut Song
16.Cheetah Chrome Mutherfuckers–Ultracore
17.Electro Hippies–Life
18.Generic–Oldest Trick In The Book
19.Stupids-Slumber Party
20.Depraved–Firing Line
21.Spermbirds–Americans Are Cool
22.Doctor And The Crippens–Mr. Parkinson
23.Civilised Society?–Blotting Paper For Breakfast
25.Cryptic Slaughter–Song X
26.Killercrust–Random Intimidation
27.Anal Blast–Suck Your Shit Of My Dick
28.Sore Throat–E.P.I.A.F.T.B.
29.Adversity–Fight Back
30.Transgression–Death To All
31.Cripple Bastards–Medley Of Songs
32.Sore Throat–Bio Hazard
33.Extreme Noise Terror–Bullshit Propaganda
34.Filthy Christians–Zombie Holocaust
35.Repulsion–Face Of Decay (Final Demo)
36.General Surgery–Ominous Lamentation
37.General Surgery–Slithering Maceration Of Ulcerous Facial Tissue
38.General Surgery–Severe Catatonia In Pathology
part 1
part 2 


  1. Waitin for 2nd CD :-)

  2. Oi! Hope you are OK
    Congrats for you great Blog
    This compilation is kind of stupid...
    (great bands in it but historically... - where's United Mutation / Lärm and sow on...)
    Cheers from Portugal

  3. is there any other link? this one's dead. thanks mate :)