Oct 21, 2011

LAST BOMB - Firing EP (1985)

Japanese hardcore punk band from 80s 


  1. Hello man! How's it going?!

    I'd like to ask you some help. I'm looking for some mp3 files very hard to find, and maybe you could help me. Do you know where I can find them?:
    Insight(UK) Fade LP, Long Cold Stare(UK) Tired Eyes LP, Nightmare Visions(UK) demo #01 and #02, The Uprising(UK) demos, Heavy Discipline(UK) Liberation of Economics EP, Sick(UK) Demo 1988 and Steadfast (UK) Our Sights Are Set 7"EP, Mad Conflux (Japan), Specters of Madness (Can), Dona Nobis Pacem (Bel), G.G.F. (UK) and Bobwire (Hol) 1st LP.

    Tks for your attention. You blog is great!

  2. Do not be this sound re-upload ? Please