May 14, 2008

MISSBRUKARNA - Krigets Gentleman tape (1983)

Swedish Missbrukarna from Hudiksvall were one of the first hard core bands in the world.

SLIKE IZ DRUŽINSKEGA ALBUMA 1 (1983) punk documentary

Short punk documentary
UBR and Stres DA Slovenian
hardcore/punk bands active in
early 80s in former Yugoslavia.
6.30 min avi
42 mb


May 9, 2008

TREBLINKA - Muistatko (2009)

Hardcore Punk from Vaasa,Finland.

Demo I, 27.7.1987 (9 songs)

Demo II, 25.2 & 16.3.1988 (8 songs)

Demo III, 11.1988 (8 songs)


May 5, 2008

Chaos In Europe LP (1985)

Komintern Sect, Reich Orgasm, Decibelios, T.N.T., Al Kapott, F.F.F., Neurotic Arseholes,
Slam, Asta Kask, Kambrones, Drei Oklok, Nabat, N.V. LeAnderen, Brutal Combat,
Robert Et Les Enfants Sauvages

May 1, 2008

ANDRA TAKTER (1985) punk documentary

FLV / mp4 / 132 MB / 26 min.
Sixten is a punk and play in the band Anti Cimex.The film follows him and his friends,
young people who do not want to live the ordinary everyday life,
they want to party and protest against Swedish arms exports.more info