Oct 2, 2012

VA - Killed By Hardcore Vol.2 (2002)

01. Fame (Zmiv, Holland, 1982, from only 7inch [Banzai! Here's Zmiv Beware EP])
02. Dying In Maze (Headcleaners, Sweden, 1981, from 1.7inch [Disinfection EP])
03. Mai (Indigesti, Italy, 1982, from split EP with Wretched)
04. Misguided Missile Mouth (E-13, USA, 1984, from only 7inch [No Mercy For Swine EP]
05. Dead You (Ikka Shinjyuu, Japan, 1985, from flexi)
06. Land Of The Brave (Mecht Mensch, USA, 1983, from only 7inch [Acceptance EP])
07. Mad At The World (YDI, USA, 1983, from A Place In The Sun EP)
08. Elintilaa (Riistetyt, Finland, 1982, from 1.7inch [Laki Ja Jarjestys EP])
09. No Explanations (Suburban Mutilation, USA, 1983, from The Opera Isn’t Over LP)
10. Miseria e Fome (Inocentes, Brasil, 1983, from Miseria e Fome EP)
11. Det Er Bare Logn (Betong Hysteria, Norway, 1981, from only 7inch [Spontan Abort EP])
12. Think Of England (Instant Agony, UK, 1982, from 1.7inch [Think of England EP])
13. Compromises (No Labels, USA, 1983, from Why Are We Here 7inch EP)
14. Starve To Death (Vorkriegsphase, Germany, 1983, from only 7inch [Scheisskrieg EP])
15. Religios Terror (Fader War, Norway, 1981, from Ingenting For Norge compilation LP)
16. Man’s Ruin (Target Of Demand, USA, 1981, from Man’s Ruin LP)
17. I’m In Love With Nancy Reagan (TMA, USA, 1983, from Hardcore Takes Over compilation LP)
18. Your Mother Sucks Cocks In Hell (Agent Orange, Holland, 1983, from 1.7inch)
19. Religion (E.A.T.E.R., Sweden, 1983, from Doomsday Troops EP)
20. No More No (Kuro, Japan, 1984, from 1 of 2 flexi’s that came with “Fire” 7inch)
21. Pressform (Extrem, Austria, 1983, from split LP with Mickeyman)
22. Acid Casualty (Koro, USA, 1983, from only 7inch [s/t EP])
23. Vagra (Disarm, Sweden, 1985, from 2.7inch [Disarm EP])
24. No End In Sight (Abused, USA, 1983, from Loud & Clear EP)
25. Guai A Voi! (Cani, Italy, 1984, from only 7inch [Guai A Voi! EP])
26. Man-Rape Blues/Mucho Macho (Chronic Sick, USA, 1982, from Cutest Band In Hardcore 12inch)