Dec 27, 2010

KUOLEMA - Noise Not Music (1997)

Noisy hardcore punk band from Finland

Bollox to The Gonads - Here's the Testicles (1984)

1.Mau Maus - Just Another Day
2.Savage Circle - Don't Do It
3.Legion of Parasites - Dying World
4.Anti System - Schoolboy
5.PSA - Yankee
6.Xtract - (Waiting for the) Genocide
7.Crude SS - Ingenskola
8.Repulsive Alien - Say and Do
9.Riot Squad - Police Power
10.Savage Circle - We Don't Have To
11.Subversion - God's Fairytale
12.Skeptix - Traitor
13.PSA - Nuclear Peace
14.Mau Maus - Running with the Pack
15.Instigators - Monkey Man
16.Anti System - Why Should It Happen
17.Savage Circle - Kill Yourself
18.Mau Maus - No Concern
19.Canal terror - Saufbauch
20.Xtract - Blame it on the Youth
21.PSA - No War
22.The Instigators - Old Soldiers
23.Savage Circle - Kill Corps
24.Skeptix - Legion of the Damned
25.Subversion - Death Agony
26.Riot Squad - Suspicion
27.Crude SS - Vad du säger, vad jag for
28.PSA - Black Work
29.Legion of Parasites - Death Watch
30.Savage Circle - Hardcore Rules

Dec 23, 2010

FEAR OF GOD - Discography
Fear of God were a Swiss grindcore band who were active in the mid-1980s.
They started in 1986 and broke up in 1988,but briefly reformed in the middle of 2002.