Apr 24, 2009

SONS OF ISHMAEL - discography (1984-1990)

Toronto based hardcore band
Tracks 1-13-Hayseed Hardcore 7" (1985)
Tracks 14-27-Pariah Martyr Demands A Sacrifice LP (1987)
Tracks 28-37-Sing Generic Crap 7" (1989)
Tracks 38-51-Mimsy With The Borogoves 10" (1990)
Tracks 52-60-Angry Thalidomide Babies - Demo (Pre-Sons Of Ishmael) (1984)

Apr 20, 2009

SCHWARTZENEGGAR - Take Your Elbows Off The Table / Today (1993)

Schwartzeneggar was a English punk band formed by ex-Crass singer Steve Ignorant, Arthur Dent (bass), Ben Whatever (guitar, backup vocals), Mark Pickstone (keyboards) and Andi Tuck (drums). The band existed between 1992 and 1995.