Jan 12, 2009

V/A Endless Struggle: The Worst Of The 1in12 Club vol. 12/13 2xLP

1.Terminus-(In This) Dark Carnival
2.Disaffect-State Worse Than Death
5.One By One-Prisoner Of Conscience
6.Cluster Bomb Unit-Without A Warning
7.Blitzkrieg-Lest We Forget
8.Sarcasm-Mist Of Confusion
9.Wat Tyler-James Whale
10.Sore Throat-Hurry Up Garry '94
11.Sore Throat-Retribute
12.Oi Polloi-Guilty
14.Voorhees-Whatever I Do
16.Nailbomb-My Problems
17.Wordbug-Anywhere But Here
18.Decadence Within-Stitch In Time
19.Contropotere-Attacco Al Visus
20.Doom-(We Hate The) Brew Crew
21.Concrete Sox-Speak Japanese Or Die
22.Scraps-Familiar Patterns
23.Virtual Reality-Stalemate
24.Hiatus-They Really Got Me
25.Protest-Paralysis Through Conformity
26.Beer Beast-Govern Mental System
27.Beer Beast-Ilkley Moor
28.Immortal Dead-Who's In Power
part 1
part 2 

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