Dec 24, 2015

CRUDE SS - Who'll Survive EP (1983)

Swedish hardcore punk band


  1. Thanx 4 sharing Dough Erik (Deg is SWE for dough..)

    Keep these extremer things coming on!

    Rock On

  2. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHH!!! killer piece what you´re sharing man, total classic, for old school punk die hard experts ONLY!!!! fucking ingnorant fools dont know about gems like these!! Thanks tons, hail... hey how bout also uploadint their 2012 album "KILLING FOR NOTHING" that would totally megaultrafuckinkill!!!!

    ...also CIVILIAN TERRORIST - DARK INSIDE DEMO 86... that one seems to have been totally forgotten by all punkheads...

    ...your consideration into fulfilling this request is highly appreciated!!! ...ultra violent most darkest regards!!! KILL!!!!